National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premier S&T (Science & Technology) Organisation of Government of India in the field of Information Services and Information Technology (IT) applications and has been instrumental in steering Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applications in Government Departments at Central, State and Districts, facilitating improvement in government services, wider transparency in government functions and improvement in decentralized planning and management. To facilitate this, NIC has established a nationwide ICT Network- NICNET. The Government has designated the nation –wide Computer Communication Network, NICNET, as the Government Network. 

    NIC is offering network services over C-band and Ku-band VSATs. Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks(MANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs) with NICNET gateway for Internet resources to promote economic, social, scientific and technological activities, and also for macro-economic adjustment  programme of the Government.  NIC has  played  an  important  role  of an  “active” catalyst and “facilitator” in informatics development programme in Government at the National, State and District levels, during the last 25 years, which has made them take policy decisions to create “knowledge” societies that can exploit knowledge to derive competitive advantage using the opportunities provided by “digital technology”. NIC has been instrumental in adopting Information Technology and Communication Technology “ To reach out into India”(i.e. by implementing IT applications in Social administrations)

    The turnkey projects undertaken by NIC involves conducting of feasibility studies, identification of  & supply of hardware, application software, providing networking solutions for the users needs. Development & implementation of the software, training the staff on the software developed and providing required support services for smooth operations are also included in the services by NIC.

    NIC District Centre, Mandla was established in the late 80’s with an objective  to promote computer based informatics services to the State and Central Government Offices. Ever since, the NIC Mandla has been helping to various departments by providing the necessary IT support in various important Projects being run in the district. In the year 2004, NIC, Mandla established Video Conferencing facility in the district.